Im trying to link to Facebook. Everything I try makes my phone freeze or the screen go white. Nothing I do will allow me to fill out the info needed. 

Didnt realize the app was new. Thinking it may be a glitch. 

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Hi Andrea, 

Thanks for letting us know and I'm so sorry about the glitch. Yes, the Komae app just launched last week so we're working hard on any bugs that pop up. I'm guessing you're in iPhone because that is the only place we're seeing this issue. 

So here is the work around until we get it fixed with Apple- You can log into our web app on a computer at www.app.mykomae.com and link your account to Facebook. Then if you go back in on your mobile app, the Facebook connection should be fully functional to let you find friends. 

Please let me know if that works for you.  And we'll keep you posted as we fix the iPhone-Facebook issue. 

As you share with your friends, let them know if they create their account by registering through Facebook initially they avoid this bug. (Technology, gotta love it, right?)

Thanks for your patience! 

Audrey Wallace

Co-Founder and CEO