Didn’t receive points

I completed a sit on Tuesday night and have not received my points for it. Help!

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Thanks! I deleted and redownloaded the app and it worked! 

I'm glad it's all good! If it happens again, just swipe the app away and reopen and that should refresh it. 



Thanks for reaching out. I'm here to help! There's a couple angles is like to try to troubleshoot: 

  • Can you kill the app (swipe it away) and reopen it then see if it updates? Sometimes it just needs a refresh. 
  • Did the friend you sat for receive the text that starts with "we hope you enjoyed your free time..."? At that point she has the opportunity to finalize the points. Can you ask if she did that?

Email me directly with the result of the above and we'll go from there, ok? 


Audrey Wallace 

Cofounder of Komae