Changing a group from closed to open

Hi, I created a group and made it closed, but now I'm thinking it would be better for it to be open. How can I change that?

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Yep, looks great! Thank you so much!

Lindsay, I wanted to let you know your group is now open. Let me know if it works on your end, OK?


I'll get that change made for you. Thanks for being part of our village! We're always happy to hear feedback and ideas. Especially from groups like yours. You can message me directly if you think of anything - Audrey@mykomae.com 

Happy swapping,

Audrey Wallace 

Hi Lindsay - sorry for the delayed reply over the weekend. We have it on our list of things to fix. For now, we can adjust it behind the scenes for you. What is the name of the group?


Audrey Wallace 

Co-founder of Komae 

Thanks! It's Alliance Bible Church Moms.