Not receiving notifications

My phone number is on my profile and all of the notifications are turned on but I am Not receiving any notification. 

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Hi Amanda - thanks for writing! I'm sorry about this issue. I'll check in with our development team Monday morning and see what could be going on. I'll get back to you asap, ok? 


Audrey Wallace 

Co-founder of Komae

Thank you for responding. This issue did randomly resolve itself on Saturday. 

We have started a rather large sitter swap group and enjoy this app very much. Is there a place to put suggestions? There has been feed back from our group that the app is hard to navigate. 

Thank you for your time 


Amanda, I'm always happy to hear feedback from customers. Especially constructive feedback so we can make it better. 

Your group can email me any time directly at Audrey@mykomae.com. Or we can set up a call. 

Did you see our tutorial videos on www.mykomae.com?

Thanks and happy swapping! 

Audrey Wallace 

Hi I'm also having this problem. It is probably because I haven't added my phone number however I can'tfind where I need to add this. On the profile page? I want to add screen shots for you to see but can't attach a picture. The notifications page just appears blank. Could this be because I'm using the app on an iPad?

Hi! Tap the settings gear on your profile screen. Then tap Profile Info. The phone number field is listed there. 

Let me know if you find it, ok? 


Audrey Wallace 

Hello! Checking back in on this to see if you were able to add your phone number?

You can email me directly at audrey@mykomae.com if you have further questions. I am happy to help!