Unable to Join Village

Good Morning,

I have been invited to a village. I accepted the invitation but I am still not a part of said village, and the invitation is still in my notifications. I have tried quitting and reloading the app, as well as restarting my phone. 

Thank you!

Amanda Blutner

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Hi Amanda,

Thanks for pointing that out to us!

Here's the situation- the group you were invited to join is a "closed group" which means the admin needs to approve anyone who joins. When you tapped "accept" it sent it to the admin for approval since you were invited by another member. Thanks to your message, we learned that customers are not notified that it is pending admin approval. Sorry about that! 

We are working on getting that fixed so it doesn't happen in the future.

In the meantime, just know that your request to join the group is pending approval by the admin of the group.

Thanks for helping us find a bug! You can email me any time if there is anything else funky like that as you play around with the app.

Audrey Wallace