User Search Filter SNAFU

If the filter default of 15 miles is set, I see people in cities 35-45 minutes east of me.

There are a few people in the city I live in and neighboring cities listed if I expand the search to 50 miles. All those near by people are in a radius of 10 minutes driving or less.

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Hi there, Brad. We are looking into this and testing on our end, and so far it seems to be working properly. We will continue to keep an eye on it.

One thought is that our radius maps out as the crow flies, as opposed to the route one would have to take to drive. So it's possible that is playing a factor. 

Also, being that you're in Ohio, the list is likely quite large. That could be playing a factor on the order that people are showing up. We have it in our plans to add filtering options when searching for people in the future, so hopefully that will solve some of this issue.

If you have any other troubles, please do reach out again. Always thankful for customer feedback. 

Talk soon,
Amy Husted
Komae Co-Founder