Thanks so much for creating this app! Been wanting to start a co-op and didn't have the tools. Anyway, I noticed in the messages that they look a bit confusing because both people's photos are on the same side, rather than mine is on the right, theirs is on the left, or speech bubbles like in other messaging apps. It's especially confusing when neither person has added a profile photo yet, like my friend and I just starting out today.

Also, is there a way to change the photo for a group I create?

ALSO, I'd like to see a way to send a quick message to a group or maybe an entire network (groups and friends). I can imagine several ways to do this...

1. Right now it seems like groups are just a list of members, which is great and useful for organizing people you want to send requests to, but I wonder about adding a feed, sort of like a simplified Facebook group, so I can open the group and say "hey, is anyone available right now to watch my kids, I need a break!" (and they could comment) without posting a scheduled request (not sure how this might work out with the point system tho, I love that feature! - on second thought, that might just unnecessarily complicate things - maybe you could add in the actual exchange later? Like a separate manual point exchange where both parties need to approve?)

2. Add an option when you press "+" to just post a message or a "post", whatever you want to call it, that's just simple text, plus the "send to" option. So I can potentially message my network something like "hey, who's available right now, later today, sometime this week... who wants to get together..." etc. And then if we end up exchanging services, it would still be useful to have the option to manually exchange points, or even retroactively add a babysitting event, like this person watched my kids from this time to this time (that way you wouldn't have to figure out how many points it should be worth).

3. A group option in the messages tab? This might be the simplest option, but it could get annoying and complicated just having one thread - you would kinda need a post and comment situation, or link to reply individually or something. Or the group message could just send an individual message to everyone in the group, similar to option 2.

Thanks so much for making this happen! I can't wait to start using it!