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Feel free to suggest improvements to the Komae app.  We are making it better everyday and we want to know what YOU want!

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What about people who don't have kids who want to help? How would this app work for them? 

Yes! I personally have my mother- in- law in my village. She made an account and sees when I need a sitter and can make an offer. Then once the sit is complete I adjust the points to zero since she doesn't have kids to spend the points on for sitting herself. We call them Komae Angels because they truly help for free! 

Does that help? 

Not at this point. That would be great. Maybe because I use Safari?

Chris- If you go to the My Profile tab and scroll down, you will see buttons to connect your account to Facebook.  Then if you log in using the Facebook button it will allow you to send invites via Facebook in the My Village tab. It also allows you to see Facebook friends that are already on Komae.

If you have any trouble with this, please let us know!

Audrey Wallace
Co-Founder of Komae

Regarding Safari, we have had some bugs reported from people that don't have the latest updates on their Safari browser.  If you are all up to date there shouldn't be a problem.  If you experience an issue, try updating or using Chrome.

Thanks again!

Will the app be able to access my contacts so I don't have to cut and paste? 

Hi Chris! Thanks for writing.  Currently you can access your Facebook friend list or type in full name or email address.  We have "ability to access contacts" on our list of future features to make it even easier for you. Hearing your feedback impacts our prioritization so we appreciate it. Thanks for doing the ctrl+c and ctrl+v dance until then!

Have you been able to connect your Facebook account to find friends that way?

Audrey Wallace
Co-Founder of Komae