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    Delete account

    Luchianann · 0 · Posted


    Please tell me how can I delete an account.

    Thank you 

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    My group wants to pay points to multiple sitters

    Atxpaula · 0 · Posted

    Credit points to more than one sitter for a single sitting request for team sitting. Is this possible?

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    Andi · 0 · Posted

    Thanks so much for creating this app! Been wanting to start a co-op and didn't have the tools. Anyway, I noticed in the messages that they look a bit confusing because both people's photos are on the same side, rather than mine is on the right, theirs is on the left, or speech bubbles like in other messaging apps. It's especially confusing when neither person has added a profile photo yet, like my friend and I just starting out today.

    Also, is there a way to change the photo for a group I create?

    ALSO, I'd like to see a

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    Under Review

    Cat/Dog Sitting

    Alaina Lipp · 1 · Last reply by Audrey

    I have to coordinate care for my kids when the parents leave and my fur babies when the people travel.  These are two necessary things and it would be great to be able to manage volunteer care in one place. 

    I'm sure those with elders in the family who need care would be happy to have the use of this app as well.  I would be happy to sit with an elder or dog/cat/house sit if I got that back in babysitting.

  • Is Komae in the App Store?

    Amy · 0 · Posted


    Komae is in both the Android and iOS app stores, as well as being available on the web.

    If you're on a mobile device, going to will direct you to the appropriate app store page.  If you're on a desktop browser, it will bring you to the web app.

  • Enjoying our service? Tell everyone about it!

    Adam Skinner · 0 · Posted

    Share your love and appreciation of our work through Praises. What are YOU loving about the Komae app?  What are you using Free Babysitting for!?

  • Tutorials for Navigating the Komae App

    Adam Skinner · 0 · Posted

    This tutorial page will assist you in getting up and running on the Komae app!

    Get Started Here!