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    Cat/Dog Sitting

    Alaina Lipp · 1 · Last reply by Audrey

    I have to coordinate care for my kids when the parents leave and my fur babies when the people travel.  These are two necessary things and it would be great to be able to manage volunteer care in one place. 

    I'm sure those with elders in the family who need care would be happy to have the use of this app as well.  I would be happy to sit with an elder or dog/cat/house sit if I got that back in babysitting.

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    Direct link to share with my friends

    Michelle LaCoille Harris · 2 · Last reply by Audrey

    Hi there, I met you at the kidslinked event last week. I'm trying to get into using your app and getting my friends interested in it, but am running into a few things. First, it really is a bit difficult adding friends to my network. It just seems like a lot of hoops to jump through to send them my link. They have to sign up and find me instead of sending an easy and direct link to my network. I want my friends to sign up, but it just doesn't seem like it is easy for them to sign

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    Selecting villagers for specific requests

    Breanna Adamson · 1 · Last reply by Audrey

    It might be nice to have an option to choose which villagers are able to view certain requests because someone might be comfortable with some people in their village sitting for only shorter periods of time. 

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    Please share your ideas!

    Adam Skinner · 3 · Last reply by Audrey

    Feel free to suggest improvements to the Komae app.  We are making it better everyday and we want to know what YOU want!